Sep, 2023 Sumit Walia passes his PhD preliminary exam. Congratulations, Sumit!
Sep, 2023 RIVET manuscript on SARS-CoV-2 recombination is published in Bioinformatics. Congratulations, Kyle Smith and Cheng Ye for contributing to this study!
Sep, 2023 Yatish named MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35 in computing for vital contributions to SARS-CoV-2 phylogenetics during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read press coverage by UC San Diego Today.
Sep, 2023 Anshu and Pranav wraps their summer internship at Analog devices and Intel, respectively.
Sep, 2023 Max wraps up his summer research internship with the lab. Congratulations Max!
Sep, 2023 Yu-Hsiang Tseng (PhD, ECE) joins the lab! Welcome Yu-Hsiang!
Sep, 2023 Paper accepted in HPCA’24, Congratulations to Sumit, Cheng, Arkid, and Dhruvi!
Aug, 2023 Max Doblas, from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) joins the lab as a visiting summer research intern. Welcome Max!
Aug, 2023 Carolyn Zhang and Girish Krishnan present their summer research project on wastewater-based epidemiology at the ECE Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP) conference.
Jul, 2023 Kyle Smith attends ISMB 2023 in Lyon, France to present work on RIVET.
Jun, 2023 Turakhia Lab has fun day trip whale watching off the coast of San Diego!
Jun, 2023 Kyle Smith attends the Undergraduate Architecture Mentoring Workshop (uArch) in Orlando Florida, in conjunction with ISCA 2023.
Jun, 2023 Yatish organised the 5th workshop on Accelerator Architecure in computational Biology and Bioinformatics (AACBB)’23, held in conjunction with ISCA’23.
May, 2023 Yatish won the Hellman Fellowship, Congratulations, Yatish!.
Apr, 2023 Carolyn Zhang and Girish Krishnan join the lab. Welcome Carolyn and Girish!
Mar, 2023 Yatish won the Amazon Research Award, Congratulations, Yatish!
Jan, 2023 Pranav Gangwar (PhD, ECE) and Jason Liang (UG, ECE) join the lab. Welcome, Pranav and Jason!
Dec, 2022 FA’22 Quarter End Lab Dinner
Nov, 2022 Anshu Gupta (PhD, CSE) joins the lab. Welcome, Anshu!
Oct, 2022 Yatish gives a keynote talk at the NGS 2022 conference organized by the American Society for Microbiology.
Sep, 2022 Turakhia Lab joins the SEARCH team which is tracking the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in San Diego.
Sep, 2022 Turakhia Lab welcomes new members Arkid Bera, Yingqi Cao, Debabrata Chaudhury, Dhruvi Lodhavia and Harsh Motwani to the lab.
Sep, 2022 Yatish gives a talk at the Massachusetts General Hospital and a chalk talk at the UCSD Undergraduate Bioinformatics Club (UBIC).
Aug, 2022 RIPPLES manuscript on SARS-CoV-2 recombination is published in Nature. Read press release. Congratulations, Cheng Ye and Kyle Smith, for contributing to this study!
Jul, 2022 Yatish presents at phyloseminar. Watch recording.
Jun, 2022 Undergraduate researchers Arthur Lu, Crystal Zou and Kevin Lie join the lab. Welcome, Arthur, Crystal and Kevin!
Jun, 2022 Alireza presents his work at AACBB 2022, held in conjunction with ISCA 2022.
Jun, 2022 High school interns Vidhi Kulkarnia and Ronnie Volman join the lab for Summer 2022. Welcome, Vidhi and Ronnie!
Jun, 2022 matOptimize is published in Bioinformatics! Read press coverage. Congratulations, Cheng et al.!
May, 2022 Yatish presents an invited talk on “Pandemic-scale Phylogenetics” at the HiCOMB 2022 workshop
May, 2022 Cheng Ye wins ECE best undergraduate research award 2022! Read Cheng’s story here. Congratulations, Cheng!
Apr, 2022 Yatish starts teaching ECE 111 Advanced Digital Design Project
Apr, 2022 Undergraduate researchers Carol Bao and Xuan Wang join the lab for Spring and Summer internships
Mar, 2022 Turakhia Lab has a fun outing in Catalina Island during the Spring break!
Jan, 2022 Alireza Mohammadidoost (PhD, ECE) joins the lab. Welcome, Alireza!
Jan, 2022 Yatish starts teaching the graduate course ECE 284 Parallel Computing in Bioinformatics
Jan, 2022 Cheng Ye et al. release a preprint on matOptimize a parallel tree optimization tool capable of handling million-scale SARS-CoV-2 phylogenies
Dec, 2021 Cheng Ye et al. release a preprint on pandemic-scale phylogenetics, which is covered by The Medical News
Nov, 2021 Angie Hinrichs (UCSC) highlights UShER and matOptimize at the StaPH-B meeting
Nov, 2021 Yatish gives a talk on “Pandemic-scale Phylogenetics” in the CSE 290 class at UCSD
Nov, 2021 Yatish is quoted by The Guardian on the Omicron variant
Sep, 2021 Devika and Shoh wrap up their summer research internships. Congratulations!
Sep, 2021 RIPPLES and UShER are featured in an article in The Scientist
Sep, 2021 Sumit Walia (PhD, ECE) and Kyle Smith (UG, Bioinformatics) join the lab. Welcome, Sumit and Kyle!
Sep, 2021 Manuscript on matUtlils and the UCSC SARS-CoV-2 tree database published in Molecular Biology and Evolution (MBE)
Aug, 2021 A preprint on RIPPLES, with contributions from Yatish (co-first author) and Cheng, is posted on bioRxiv
Aug, 2021 The Medical News features our work on SARS-CoV-2 recombination
Aug, 2021 Yatish provides a tutorial on UShER at the Bioinformatics Workshop on Virus Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology (VEME 2021)
Jul, 2021 Yatish officially starts at UCSD as an Assistant Professor
Jul, 2021 Yatish interviews with The Wired on the Delta variant
May, 2021 Manuscript on UShER published in Nature Genetics
May, 2021 UShER is featured by GenomeWeb, UCSC NewsCenter, MedicalXPress, and several other media outlets
Apr, 2021 Yatish contributes to a manuscript published in Genome Biology and Evoution (GBE)
Apr, 2021 UCSC makes an announcement about the UShER-based SARS-CoV-2 tree that just surpassed 1M genomes
Apr, 2021 Yatish gives a seminar talk on UShER for the BME 281C class at UCSC
Apr, 2021 Zihao Kong joins the lab for research
Apr, 2021 Devika Torvi and Shoh Mollenkamp join the lab for Spring and Summer internships
Jan, 2021 Cheng Ye (UG, ECE) joined the lab